Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth

What To Expect at Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth

Tomorrow 11th July Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth will reopen to the public, for the first time this season due to the pandemic that has closed down the entire country since the middle of March.

Social Distancing is still being observed and you can only meet up with one other household, therefore there have had to be some major changes to the way attractions are able to operate, today I went down to the Pleasure Beach to see what has changed and how it will look for customers who will begin visiting tomorrow.

For anyone wanting to visit Gt Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, you need to go online to you will be given a choice of two time slots either 10.30-13.30 or 14.15-17.15 with opening day Saturday 11th July.

Once you have booked and paid online, you will be given a QR Code with details of which gate you are required to enter via. If you are Gate A, this is located at the entrance to the Pleasure Beach next to the Pleasure Beach Gardens and you need to access the gate from behind the Log Flume.

Gate A entrance near the Pleasure Beach Gardens
Gate A Entrance – Head down the steps and into the reception area to scan your QR Code

When the gates are opened, make your way (socially distancing at all times) down the steps and head to the reception area that now has three scan points, please just scan your code, get the green light and head into the park, do not hang around the area.

If your confirmation says Gate B, this is located halfway down, next to the toilets, where there will be 2 scan points for you to get the green light.

Gate B Entrance

If your confirmation says Gate C then this is located at the far end of the Pleasure Beach, near the Rollercoaster.

Once inside the Pleasure Beach you will have 3 hours to ride as many of the attractions as you wish, family groups are able to sit together on rides with space between them and the next group, and all of the rides are running for the same amount of time, with a lot less people in the place at once you should get a great 3 hour ride extravaganza!

I’m sure most people reading this will have already visited the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and will have their own favourite ride, mine is definitely the Rollercoaster, which already has a one way system in place and I have been informed that both carts will be running, so there should be a smooth on and off throughout the day.

The new addition to the Pleasure Beach this year is the Lightning 360, which I caught a glimpse of for the first time today and it looks great! Its the world’s first of its kind, where you get to take control of how much spinning and twisting your individual car goes, you are literally captain of the shuttle. You can ascend, descend, barrel roll, all whilst 15 meters up in the air.

Lightning 360

All of the food and drink places will be open. the pub will be operating a one way system. All of the little kiosks that offer games will also be open, but there will be a separate charge for this like you would normally, they are separate to the Pleasure Beach so need to earn a living too!

There are hand sanitisers located throughout the park, and next to the rides, please ensure you use them.

hand sanitiser with foot operation.

If you have had a great time and would like to visit again, you can do so at the kiosk outside of the park, this is also where lost property will be taken to, so if you discover you are missing something during your 3 hours you can ask there on your way out.

And there you go, that’s what you can expect if you are visiting the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach this season.

The cost is £12 per person regardless of whether you are a rider or non-rider, under 3s are free but MUST be included on the booking to ensure the correct number of people are allocated space in the park.

I have seen a few comments that it should be free for people who are not going on any rides, but this would be far too difficult to operate, nobody is wearing a wristband as there would be no way for staff members to attach them without having actual contact, so a pay per person charge is what’s happening, many of the larger theme parks charge the same fee regardless of if you are a rider or non-rider, and are much more expensive than £12!

Last year if you had been buying tokens you would have paid more than this for one person to go on 4 of the bigger rides, so this seems the most sensible way to ensure this brilliant attraction can open safely for the enjoyment of all of their customers.

At present face masks for visitors are not compulsory, but this may change in the future depending on government guidelines. Although if you feel safer wearing one, then that’s fine.

Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth Disko

Will You Be Visiting Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach soon, have you already booked your tickets ?


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